A brand new series that explores some of the most fascinating and hard-core boat journeys on the planet.

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Tough Boats is brought to you by Pilot Productions - producers of addictive travel and adventure TV shows that take you to unforgettable destinations around the planet.

In this mini series we undertake epic journeys by boats in some of the toughest environments on earth. During our journeys we look at how the technology of boat travel has been adapted to survive, trade with and connect isolated communities.



The Philippines is the world’s second largest Archipelago comprising of 7,107 stunning Islands nestled in the Pacific Ocean’s Coral Triangle. Ever since the first Malaysian and Indonesian settlers arrived nearly 70,000 years ago, boats have played a fundamental role in shaping the country, its people, economy and culture. In our hour-long adventure we explore five of the Philippines most breath-taking Islands. This episode will tell the story of the Philippines history, its people and its dramatic landscapes.