Zoe explores the food, wine, art and history of her native Nova Scotia in a delightfully fresh and funny digital series for MyDestination.com and AOL ON! TRAVEL.

Zoe knows that Cape Breton has lots to offer tourists, so she decides to do something unusual in HISTORY LESSON. She dons an 18th century persona and spends a day at the Fortress of Louisbourg. She puts herself at the mercy of the head cook, falls slightly in love with a blacksmith, and makes a new friend of Julie, her minder for the day. After she manages to sneak into a boy's costume and set off the cannon, she departs for Firehouse Ironworks, a 21st century forge where she bangs out her frustration and makes a fine looking hook.

In FARM TO TABLE, Zoe starts out in Halifax with Claire of Local Tasting Tours, to get a feel for the food scene in Halifax. Upon sampling some delicious ice cream from DeeDee's, however, she decides that she must go straight to the source. She travels to farm country in the Annapolis Valley and faces her biggest challenge yet. She must fend off her overwhelming desire to make a film about the cuteness of piglets, and instead help Chef Michael Howell prepare for his pop-up restaurant at Taproot Farms. Will she succeed? Nobody knows. Those piglets are irresistible. 

An aspiring artist herself once upon a time, Zoe is loving filming ARTSY HALIFAX. She starts at the tiny Maud Lewis house at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia where marvellous, cheery folk art puts her in the mood to learn more about the booming art scene in Halifax. She speaks with artist Gordon MacDonald at Argyle Fine Art about life, work and "Aha!" moments. She then heads to the Khyber Centre for the Arts where she immerses herself in an exhibition and meets D'Arcy Wilson, an artist with a mad plan... but by that time, it's too late. Zoe is part of the plot.

Zoe needs to be on her best behaviour in WINE TIME, as she loves wine and must remember that she's got a story to produce. First, her driver, Phil, takes her to Luckett Vineyards, to learn about Tidal Bay, the new Nova Scotia appellation. Zoe retains her sophisticated, demure attitude for the whole interview. She then pops down the hill to Gaspereau Vineyards, where she gets to know the area's signature grape, L'Acadie Blanc. A couple of glasses in, things get groovy. Next, with a craving for bubbly, she visits Blomidon Estate Winery, where she ends the episode with a flourish. Warning: Don't try this at home.


Executive Producer: Rodrigo Menafra | Written, Produced & Presented by Zoe D'Amato | Filmed by Dana Fraser, Emily Leeson & Zoe D'Amato